A Selling Checklist

Here’s a checklist to help you prepare your home for sale.

Lawns and Yard
  Remove clutter
 Cut grass, weed lawns, edge flower beds, trim hedges and bushes

Exterior of House
 Clean eaves, ensure drainpipes are angled away from the house
 Paint wood where necessary
 Clean or replace front light, mailbox and house numbers
 Repair screens and windows
 Freshen or Paint front door
 Replace mats outside and inside all exterior doors
 Plant window boxes and/or urns

 Ensure that doors are repaired and in good working order.
 Clean and tidy wherever possible. (Garage does not need to be emptied)

 Test water pressure in all taps and toilets
 Fix broken, loose or dripping faucets

 Replace all burnt out bulbs
 Ensure that all switches are clean and functioning and that all visible wiring is in good condition

Heating and Cooling
 Ensure that areas around air conditioner and furnace are unobstructed
 Try to find maintenance and repair records

 Tighten loose doorknobs, fix squeaky doors, and replace anything that looks old or dated

Interior Spaces
 Remove all clutter on tables, bookcases and other surfaces
 Organize and arrange bookshelves
 Remove family photos
 Depersonalize space as much as possible

Interior surfaces
 Repair and/or paint walls, ceilings and floors
 Wash windows inside and out
 Shampoo carpets
 Clean house thoroughly

 Clean and remove clutter from bedside tables
 Put warm low wattage bulbs in bedside lamps
 Purge and tidy closets. Replace wire hangers with plastic or wooden hangers
 Consider replacing worn or faded bed linens. Add new pillows
 Repair and freshen window coverings
 Repair or replace grout around bathtubs and showers
 Clean glass and tiles
 Remove as many products as possible from baths and showers
 Consider replacing shower curtain, towels and bath mats – they can be used at the new house. White is usually best.

 Remove all magnets and paper from front of fridge
 Purge and clean inside of fridge and stove
 Thoroughly clean all appliances and surfaces
 Remove all excess items from kitchen counters
 Store dishcloths, towels and cleaning items out of sight

 Clean floors and surfaces including windows. Create as much light as possible.
 If space is unfinished, stack all storage items neatly around perimeter
 If space is finished, treat surfaces and furniture as upstairs