"Katie asked the right questions and listened to our answers. We found her to be energetic, positive, knowledgeable, professional, dedicated, caring, understanding and fun. We can only sing her praises."
- Beverly Wellman

"Katie has an incredible eye for detail as is quickly apparent to anyone working with her. She did a fantastic job of marketing our home and we would highly recommend her to anybody looking for an experienced and successful real estate agent."
- Stephanie and David Keeley

"Katie Aeby is in a different league in the real estate business. Her background in the media and hotel business gives her the unique talents that allow her to create an extraordinary marketing message for your home. When dealing with the financial offers that inevitably pour in, she is professional, unyielding and clear in her insistence on getting every dollar possible for her valued client - you.  Katie Aeby, quite simply, redefines the marketing and sale of real estate."

"Everything Katie did was done with finesse, skill, and lots of experience — from hanging pictures on the walls, arranging flowers, working with a top photographer to provide the perfect brochure, to bargaining. She has a keen eye, aesthetic sense par excellence, and can wield a mean hammer. There was nothing she wouldn’t do to make the experience pleasurable, fast, and efficient."
- Barry Wellman