Thinking of Selling your Home?

Here’s what to Expect

Our job is to help you sell your property in the shortest possible time for the  highest possible price with the least inconvenience to you.  Here’s how the process works:

  • First, we prepare a comparative market analysis of properties similar to yours that have sold and are currently on the market in your area.

  • Based on that information and on the unique features of your home, we establish a listing price for your home or condo.

  • Together we inspect your property to see what work needs to be done prior to listing.  This can include everything from de-cluttering to minor repairs  (See the Seller’s Checklist above)

  • We may schedule a Pre-home inspection - often a good idea with older homes that may have unseen issues.  Much better to find and correct problems in advance than to have a sale fall through because of  something that  could have been rectified early on.  

  • We stage. Staging doesn’t have to be expensive or a huge production but if you don’t stage you’re truly leaving money on the table.

  • We look after all the details of photography, brochure production and marketing preparation.

  • Appointment details are finalized. A lockbox and key are installed.

  • Your property goes on MLS. The For Sale Sign goes up.

  • Open Houses are held - for Agents during the week and for potential buyers on the weekend.

  • We solicit feedback from agents who have shown your property to their clients and we pass the information on to you.

  • When an offer comes in we meet to examine the details. Sometimes an offer is accepted immediately, but more often than not, it’s signed back at a higher price.  This back and forth continues until both sides come to an agreement, or until one side walks away. We are there to advise you every step of the way.

  • If the offer is accepted, a certified deposit cheque is presented either immediately or within 24 hours.  With a freehold property, the offer becomes firm once the cheque has been deposited in Chestnut Park’s Trust fund.  In the case of a condo, the sale is conditional until the buyer’s lawyer approves the building’s Status Certificate. That process generally takes from 2 to 10 days.

  • The buyer usually requests at least two visits to your home before closing.  Scheduling is organized by the agents at times that are convenient for everyone involved.  

  • Until the sale closes, usually 30-90 days following acceptance of the offer, we are in regular contact to sort out any remaining issues and to ensure that everything connected with the move is going smoothly.

  • On closing day, we wait to hear from your lawyer that the buyer’s cheque has been safely deposited in your account and cleared. It’s done!

  • Although the sale may now be closed, I am always available to help you with any issues or questions you might have down the road. Hopefully this will be the first of many successes we celebrate together!